Listener Engagement for Broadcast Radio – The Digital Leverage

September 22nd, 2016 No Comment yet

Traditional media like radio faces both challenges and opportunities in the digital landscape. When it comes to radio, ‘music’ battles for relevance in an environment filled with streaming services like Spotify or Pandora, which offers simple and smart music options. Or take the news, where a host of digital-only platforms by publishers or aggregators providing personalized and immersive content have gained extreme prominence.

However, the element of human interaction, which is responsible for the intimate bond between listener and radio, differentiates the medium from other largely computerized offerings. Harnessing the power of digital by expanding opportunity and driving engagement through better listener understanding is the primary objective.

Key pillars:

A listener focused digital mandate needs to be integrated and has 3 broad tenets, or as we like to call them the 3M’s:

  • Management
  • Measurement
  • Monetization



Bringing efficiency (time/cost) and consistency of experience across channels.

Approach: Two-pronged approach mapped across two axes.

Horizontal- across digital channels

Vertical- through listener’s journey

Horizontal Axis

In a highly scattered environment, you either go to your listeners or draw them towards you. It’s an evolving and robust omni-channel approach presenting the inherent challenges of adoption and subsequent maintenance. Muze provides a single dashboard to manage digital presence and a CXM (Customer Experience Management) platform extendable to a full marketing tech stack.

With integrated command centre, Muze would provide centralized management of all captive (mobile/web) and social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). This is supported with the integration of chat and electronic channels like SMS/Telephony extending to Automation and CRM.

Vertical Axis

The listener experience must move from consumption to interaction to influence. This should be facilitated across all content formats. The feature-enriched platform- Muze allows listeners to influence content real-time, encourage closed loop participation and supports immersive content formats. This would impact the quality and time spent listening (engaging).  An extension to this is a gamified framework with an automated rewards program, leveraging lifetime value.


Understanding content consumption by format or channel leads to effective content curation – a shift to data driven decision-making.  Highly granular listener consumption and usage data helps deliver substantiated business metrics for transparency in reporting.

Cross Channel: This allows you track individual content by platform and measure its performance.

Listener: The idea is to broadly segment users in silos, and by hyper-targeting allows a more granular understanding of the listener’s consumption pattern.

The platform acts as a Master Profiler of individual listeners, capturing consumption patterns based on data across channel and by content, this facilitates multi-factor listener segmentation.  With the added application of tools such as machine-learnt triggers, one can either automate or stimulate content planning.


Digital channels serve as second screen experiences and should be leveraged as revenue opportunities either as add-on or trans-media options.

Brand solutions: Every brand intends to give their customers first-hand experiences rather leave them with a passive message. This can be brought alive through synchronous cross channel engagements, with closed loop track-able journeys.

Auxiliary Revenues: Data is the new gold and Muze captures a wealth of information that can be leveraged through a number of 3rd party monetizable associations.

Making a solution like with its listener centric data driven approach the ideal experiential framework for a comprehensive digital strategy.